What is MNL48

MNL48 is an all-female group in the Philippines and the newest sister group of the Japanese girl band and pop music phenomenon known worldwide as AKB48.

Born in 2016 through the cooperative efforts of HalloHallo Entertainment and AKS Co., LTD.,MNL48 aims to revolutionize the Philippine entertainment landscape by transforming ordinary girls into international superstars.

The Filipino idol group will continue AKB48's original concept of "idols you can meet" by performing daily at their own theater. MNL48 is committed to pleasing fans by always performing up to the best of their abilities whilst keeping in mind that they are on an international stage with the whole world as their audience.

The group is divided into three teams: M N & L and follow a ranking system similar to that of AKB48. The MNL48 ranking system comprises of a Center Girl, Super 7, Selections (all-stars), Under Girls, Next Girls, Future Girls and Kenkyusei (trainees).

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