Full name
Sharei Siao Engbino
I'm willing to learn. I'm willing to accept all your judgements against me. I'm willing to change myself in order for me to have the personality and the heart of a real idol. Also, I'll be really happy if YOU will be with me throughout my journey in MNL48

portia barceIon:

gaIingan mo po sha

Lilliane Lopez:

We believe in you, SHA! You can do it, just have faith in God and in yourself. 😇

Janah Visto:

nakausap ko siya as in ang bait grabe tapos kinukwento nya about sa mga nangyayari sakanya tapos sinasagot nya kahit anong tanong tapos sinasabi nya din about sa mga artista and sobrang saya nya sana maging friend kami ang saya saya nya 😍

JP Concepcion:

Go for the gold! Goof luck!