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Hi! I'm a fan of jrock&jpop since highschool and my dream is to be a performer. with the j-fandoms I have including AKB48, My dream grew wider and I'll strive harder to be a part of MNL48. I will not just let my dream to be JUST a dream. I will do my best!
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Suwawa PH!! <3 <3

Keith Real 

Goodluck Ash! :) you have my full suport. Kaya mo yan ha? Alam kong makukuha mo yung title na "Idol" someday. Eto na yun. Do your best. Isama mo si God habang nag a-audition ka. I'll always be your number 1 supporter. Magiging number 1 fan na din ata soon.


Ganbatte ne! Ms. Ashy-san. The road to the idol fandom awaits! :)


let's do our best ne~ :)

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