About Me

Hello MNLoves and OHKO's!!!! The 2nd General Election is near!! I would like to say this from the bottom of my heart that I am so grateful to meet such wonderful people who supported me and the rest of the mnl48 girls since the beginning. I am so thankful that you all gave your love and never ending support to me and the rest. Mnl48 has taught me many things. mnl48 also made me confident and discover more traits about myself. From a simple girl who loves singing, dancing, joining theater plays in schools, playing sports, and is an addicted gamer, I did not expect that I will come to this point that i'll be an idol. This is so far the best dream that came true! Thank you all MNLoves, OHKO's, friends and family for making this happen! For making my dream come true and for helping to build who I am today and forever. I hope to see you all soon!~ And I also hope that you'll vote for me Lovelots!!


Birthday : November 8, 2001
Age : 18
Height : 4'10"
School : St. Martin Montessori
City : Cainta
Province : Rizal