Full name
Alice Margarita Reyes De Leon
Hi! Watashi wa Alice desu from Kawaii 5 hoping for your support to my dream of becoming an MNL48 idol. I will do my best because this is really what I prayed for and I wish that you will be part of my journey towards this goal. Yoroshiku Onegaishimasu ❤️

Shania Zuñega:

I am your fan from the very start of this "competition". You are verh pretty, cute, and a person who always shows her smile. ❤❤❤

Andre Delizo:

Hi Ate Alice.Nakaboto na po ako.Sana po makapasom ka po sa kami7,wish you the best.We love you Alice.☺☺

Mary Ann Sardido:

God bless you! and good luck :)

maryjoy Toribio:

Goodluck girl 😊