Full name
Alice Margarita Reyes De Leon
Hi! Watashi wa Alice desu from Kawaii 5 hoping for your support to my dream of becoming an MNL48 idol. I will do my best because this is really what I prayed for and I wish that you will be part of my journey towards this goal. Yoroshiku Onegaishimasu ❤️

Jonelle Babon:


Neil Joseph Klux Jhon Buban:

Konnichiwa Alice.. You are so pretty and talented. Im praying for your success in MNL48 and real life. We, your supporters are very proud of you. Ganbatte! Kimi ni Aishiteru Kawaii desho ❤❤❤

jubilee lamer:

go ate alice i vo vote kita kasi napaka talented mo at sobrang cute mo go go go ate alice kaya mo yan

Kim besa:

alice good luck for you you are the best of me i love you manalo ka sana. ❤❤❤