Hallohallo Entertainment Inc. starts MNL48 registration

by Mnl48 Philippines

MNL48 operator, Hallohallo Entertainment Inc., has opened the registration for first-generation MNL48 applicants on December 3, 2016, the same day when they also launched MNL48 PLUS, the upcoming group's official mobile app. The announcements were initially made during AKB48's first Fan Meeting in Manila, where 12 AKB48 Team 8 members exclusively performed in front of their fans at Movie Stars Cafe in Pasay City.

The registration is open to all Filipino girls between 15 to 20 years old who aspire to become part of AKB48's new sister group. Patterned after the top Japanese idols' original concept, the Philippine version hopes to find members through a nationwide search that will begin through the MNL48 app.

Hopefuls may now sign up as applicants and gain followers through MNL48 PLUS. The app is also an essential tool for MNL48 fans, as the platform publishes the latest news, updates, and announcements about the group. Non-aspirants may also get the app to log in as a regular user and gain access to a special set of features that will allow them to actively participate as supporters.

The mobile app can be downloaded for free on Google Play and MNL48.ph, while it will be available on the App Store soon.

MNL48 Starts! MNL48’s First Generation Audition announced

by Mnl48 Philippines

On December 3, 2016, twelve members of AKB48’s Team 8 entertained their fans when they appeared on Philippine TV show “It’s Showtime” and then held their first Fan Meeting in Manila.

During these activities, the start of MNL48’s First Generation Audition was also announced. The MNL48 audition method takes after the style of AKB48’s General Election, where members are chosen through nationwide voting. Applicants can apply through the official MNL48 mobile app, where their profiles will be made visible to the public.

Through the auditions, 64 finalists will be selected. The first phase of MNL48 will be decided, and the first-generation members will promote for one year. The General Election will be held every year, and the voting will happen between the existing members and newly selected finalists. The top 64 girls who will be selected through the General Election will be active for one year.

MNL48 billboards have been put up along major roads in Metro Manila. Aside from the present promotions, Hallohallo Entertainment Inc. has plans to further develop activities in the future.

AKB48’s first Fan Meeting in Manila turns out a success

by Mnl48 Philippines

AKB48’s first Fan Meeting in Manila on December 3, 2016 has come out successful after hundreds of Filipino fans gathered to watch Team 8 perform their hits onstage. One of the highlights of the events is the high touch activity where the fans had the chance to meet their idols up close.

Held in Movie Stars Café in Pasay City, the fan meeting was attended by twelve Team 8 members namely Rena Fukuchi, Yurina Gyoten, Riona Hamamatsu, Kotone Hitomi, Serika Nagano, Rin Okabe, Nanami Sato, Maria Shimizu, Karin Shimoaoki, Ayane Takahashi, Hijiri Tanikawa, and Nanase Yoshikawa.

Team 8 performed some of AKB48’s best songs and gave personally signed gifts to lucky fans during a raffle segment. The pop idols also showed support for AKB48’s upcoming sister group in the Philippines.

Hallohallo Entertainment Inc. officially launches MNL48 mobile app

by Mnl48 Philippines

MNL48 PLUS, the mobile application of MNL48, was officialy launched early this morning, December 3, 2016, by developer and distributor Hallohallo Entertainment Inc., also the operator and manager of the entertainment group. The application is now live on Google Play and MNL48.ph and may be downloaded by users for free.

MNL48 PLUS is an essential tool for MNL48 fans, as the platform publishes the latest news, updates, and announcements about the group. It is also the only program where aspiring idols may apply for the auditions searching for MNL48’s first-generation members. Non-aspirants may also download the app to register as a regular user and gain access to a special set of features that will allow them to actively participate as supporters.

Download the app on Google Play and MNL48.ph. It will be available at the App Store soon.

MNL48 First Fan Meet-Up

by Mnl48 Philippines

A fun affair happened last May 29, 2016 as Hallohallo Entertainment Inc. held the very first MNL48 fan meet-up conference at Movie Stars Cafe in Pasay City. The event, the first of its kind according to attendees, aimed to gather all Filipino MNL48 and AKB48 fans to discuss the successful formation of MNL48 in the Philippines.

The event started off with a “ Janken Taikai” game inspired by AKB48 with four winners taking home a special set of glow sticks. As the snacks were served, guests were treated to an exclusive sneak peak of the full version of AKB48 latest music video, “Tsubasa wa Iranai(Wings aren’t Needed) and live video performances of AKB48's latest shows.

After the video presentation came the main activity. Topics about costume designs, audition mechanics, website and mobile app development, merchandises, membership items, album and theater launch were discussed. Everyone participated in the discussion, sharing their input and ideas about MNL48.

Another highlight of the event was the presence of Mr. Nariaki Terada, International Business Development General Manager of AKS Co. LTD., AKB48's talent management company and Mr. Yasunari Okada, CEO of Hallohallo Inc., MNL48’s operator. Mr. Terada and Mr. Okada both took the time to share their excitement for the future of MNL48 and thanked the fans for their overwhelming support.

Before ending the show, Movie Stars Cafe's dancers dressed as AKB48 treated the audience with a performance of AKB48’s hit songs “Heavy Rotation ” and “ Aitakatta”. Hosts also raffled off exclusive MNL48 t-shirts to four lucky winners.

The event ended with closing remarks from MNL48’s producer, Mr. Paulo Kurosawa. Mr. Kurosawa thanked everyone who attended the first ever MNL48 fan meet-up and asked for their continued support. He then capped off the event with a surprise by raffling off five guaranteed tickets to the first ever MNL48 theater show. All in all, nobody went home empty handed as everyone walked away with a bag of limited MNL48 giveaways.