MNL48 registration and audition idol search tour goes North

by Mnl48 Philippines

Immaculate Conception Institute Sta. Maria, Bulacan, October 27, 2017 – Students at Immaculate Conception Institute got a chance to register and showcased their singing and dancing talents at the MNL48 road tour as the 5th destination of the tour travels to the first North stop at Sta. Maria, Bulacan last Thursday, October 27.

It was a vibrant day as the young and talented students of Immaculate Conception from Grade 11 and 12 gathered around ICI’s gym area to register as applicants, in hope to be chosen as one of the first generation members of the biggest idol group in the Philippines, MNL48.

Together with their cheering friends who also registered as supporters, the applicants were all smiles and eager to audition especially when they got a closer look of the customized audition truck specially designed for the MNL48 tour.

MNL48 hopefuls and fans expressed their excitement over Hallohallo Entertainment Inc. and ABS-CBN’s announcement of the MNL48 idol search segment on the hit noontime show, “It’s Showtime!” As part of segment, top ranking girls will be highlighted on the upcoming show which will be aired on 2018.

The big announcement on the Kapamilya variety show last October 21, coincides with the ongoing nationwide MNL48 registration and audition tour which is now on its 6th leg at Intramuros, Manila and soon will be invading Visayas next month.

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MNL48 registration and audition tour invades LRT 2, Legarda

by Mnl48 Philippines

LRT 2 Legarda Station, Manila, October 25, 2017 – Young and talented applicants from different colleges and universities in Metro Manila were determined to be part of the newest idol group in the Philippines by joining the fourth leg of MNL48 registration and audition tour last October 25.

As early as now, MNL48 applicants should start gathering their supporters because unlike other competitions, this idol search will have no set of panel of judges; all you need is a solid voting system from the audience.

Supporters may vote for their favorite aspirant through MNL48 website or by downloading the mobile app on Google Play and App Store. Becoming a registered fan will provide a unique supporting system as they will have unlimited chances to “Like” their chosen applicants to make their ranks higher or keep them on top.

Reaching the top

Rachell Coronel, who has been consistently part of the top 10 in the website rank, auditioned during the event last Wednesday. The 18-year-old from Quezon City has been in the first rank for six consecutive months.

Coronel started campaigning for votes in Bulacan, Quezon City and Nueva Ecija when she registered as an applicant in MNL48 website. “Una, pumunta kami sa school ng friend ko, nanghihingi din kami ng emails dun sa classmates ng kapatid ko tapos may time din na sumayaw ako sa Nueva Ecija kasi may relatives din kami dun.”

Polyana Esquillo, on the other hand, a student from Lyceum of the Philippines University who has been persistently attending MNL48 tours in Luzon, shared how she reached top 21 from being 167th.

The 20-year-old stressed that she waited for this for many years. She was able to gain 1000 votes in just a week with the help of her friends, classmates and relatives.

“Dream ko po maging idol, kasi yung feeling po na nakakapagbigay ka ng happiness through your smile and performance, iba po; whenever I see those idols performing in the stage nakaka-overwhelm e parang gusto ko ako rin maging inspiration ng mga tao,” she shared with full of passion.

The MNL48 road tour is down to its last few auditions in Luzon and will be flying to Visayas. The first generation of MNL48 idol search will soon air on ABS CBN’s noontime show, “It’s Showtime” in 2018.

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MNL48 draws an overwhelming participation at Starmall, Alabang

by Mnl48 Philippines

The exciting registration and audition tour continues as MNL48 visits the South. Hundreds of MNL48 hopefuls tried their luck to become part of Philippines’ newest idol group during the two-day event of Hallohallo Entertainment Inc. (HHE) at Starmall, Alabang last October 20 and 21.

Young and talented ladies between 15 to 20 years old, were seen lining up along the entrance of Starmall as soon the establishment opened. Just like the first two audition leg, applicants were all excited prepping for their turns to showcased their singing and dancing talents inside the MNL48 customized audition truck.

A great number of supporters were also present during the event like Rie Vergara, a 24-year old long-time fan of AKB48, admitted that she is delighted that MNL48 is finally becoming a reality after it was announced last 2016 and hoping that people will be able to support MNL48. “Siyempre masaya ako sa MNL48, kasi noon talaga parang wala pa masyadong nakakakilala sa AKB48 e, ngayon unti-unti na silang makikilala, magkakaroon na rin sila ng Filipino fans.” said Vergara.

During the Starmall tour, HHE and ABS-CBN announced that the search for the first generation of MNL48 members will be aired in the Kapamiya Network's noontime show, “It's Showtime” as part of its newest segment this coming 2018.

Meanwhile, catch the fourth leg of the nationwide road tour at LRT 2 Legarda station on October 25.

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HHE, ABS-CBN announces MNL48 idol search on “It’s Showtime!

by Mnl48 Philippines

Quezon City, Philippines, October 21, 2017 – The biggest idol search in the country is about to begin as Hallohallo Entertainment Inc. (HHE) together with ABS-CBN announced last October 21, its partnership with the Kapamilya's popular noontime show, “It’s Showtime!” for the airing of MNL48 idol search.

A few months from now, the highest-selling and phenomenal all-girl group, AKB48 will have its Filipino version, MNL48 which will have its own segment on “It’s Showtime!” to be aired on 2018. A video plug was aired during the noontime show last Saturday that made all applicants and supporters even more excited.

The Philippines will be witnessing young girls ages 15-20 years old through this nationwide idol search which will greatly help dreamers to showcase their talent in singing and dancing, and get a chance to be part of the biggest idol group in the country.

This announcement coincides with the ongoing nationwide MNL48 registration and audition tour where top ranking girls from each venue will be highlighted in the upcoming idol search as part of the MNL48 segment on “It’s Showtime!”

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MNL48 applicants and supporters to receive account verification e-mail

by Mnl48 Philippines

Due to the growing number of registration for the MNL48 idol search in partnership with ABS-CBN, all registered applicants and supporters will receive account verification e-mail on October 23 to 31 to ensure all registered accounts are valid.

Once the applicants and supporters received the account verification e-mail they will only be given seven days from receipt of the e-mail to verify their accounts. Failure to verify the account will automatically be deactivated.

This e-mail verification process is part of the upcoming MNL48 mobile app update and to permanently remove fake, unqualified and multiple accounts in the sytem.

To make sure to receive the e-mail verification on the given dates, applicants and supporters are advice to check their e-mail accounts regularly and make sure to follow the instructions properly.

Thank you for all your support and we will make our voting system will be clean and fair.

MNL48 tour at FEU cancelled due to nationwide transport strike

by Mnl48 Philippines

Malacañang just announced that classes on all levels, both public and private schools, in Metro Manila remains suspended due to the two-day transport strike of jeepney drivers. The suspension of classes is to reduce the inconvenience caused the nationwide strike.

This follows the cancellation of the scheduled registration and audition of the MNL48 tour, October 16 and 17, at Far Eastern University (FEU).

Hallohallo Entertainment Inc. will resume FEU tour on October 19.

Aspiring idols can also catch MNL48's third stop at Starmall Alabang on October 20 and 21.

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MNL48 starts its first registration, audition tour at Sta. Lucia East Grand Mall

by Mnl48 Philippines

Cainta, Rizal, Philippines, October 14, 2017—After its partnership announcement with the Kapamilya network ABS-CBN, Hallo Hallo Entertainment’s (HHE) MNL48 registration and audition kicked off its first tour to an exciting start at Sta. Lucia East Grand Mall last October 14 and 15.

Sta. Lucia East Grand Mall was the first stop of the nationwide tour of MNL48 registration and audition for the upcoming talent search. HHE rolled in with an all-decked out audition truck specially customized with its built-in video and sound recorder to capture the performance of each aspiring MNL48 members, and update their video application.

HHE has lined up tours nationwide, and have prepared surprises for the young and talented girls who dream big and will stand out among the crowd with their talents in each event. The tour hopes to reach more participants nationwide to apply, register, and even update their MNL48 account.

MNL48 is the Filipino adaptation of the world renowned Japanese pop idol group, AKB48, the highest-selling idol group in Japan.

AKB48 started its unique concept of “Idols You Can Meet” in 2005 and has since been performing in their own theater at Akihabara, Tokyo. The concept has reached to several sister groups across Asia namely in Jakarta, Taipei, and Bangkok.

HHE together with ABS CBN is set to create the first ever national idol group in the Philippines through MNL48 talent search that is soon to be aired on the Kapamilya network. Performances from the top ranking applicants during the audition will be highlighted on the upcoming show.

Supporters may vote for their favorite aspirant through MNL48 website and mobile app, available at Google Play and App Store. Becoming a member on the app will provide a unique supporting system as they have unlimited “Likes” to their chosen aspirant which help get their rank higher, as well as real-time access on the recent happenings of MNL48.

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Hallohallo Entertainment launches First Batch of MNL48 merchandise

by Mnl48 Philippines

After the recent announcement of the upcoming talent search of MNL48 teen idol group in partnership with ABS-CBN and its registration and audition tour dates, Hallo Hallo Entertainment (HHE) launched the first batch of MNL48 merchandises last Saturday, October 14 to coincide with the first stop of the MNL48 tour at Sta. Lucia East Grand Mall.

Aimed at making shopping easier, effortless and enjoyable, supporters and applicants can now purchase the first batch of Japan-quality MNL48 merchandise such as such as mug, shirt, neck towel, and fan exclusively in Hallo Hallo Mall (HHM).

HHM has widened its reach as it constantly expands by consistently offering new items in their online shopping mall, and by adding MNL48 Official Shop to its growing list of merchants, this will give more flavor of excitement to shoppers especially to those who are following the journey of MNL48.

Since this is the initial items of the MNL48 merchandise, shoppers can expect more premium items to be released soon at MNL48 Official Shop in MNL48 website, mobile app and HHM.

HHM is the Philippine’s biggest online shopping mall that provides a secure system for anyone to buy and sell anything at the convenience of their home without any risk.

For details, prices and to purchase, visit MNL48 website or Hallo Hallo Mall through this link:

Hallohallo Entertainment ties up with ABS-CBN for MNL48

by Mnl48 Philippines

The craze that has taken Japan by storm is now here in the Philippines as Hallohallo Entertainment (HHE) in partnership with ABS-CBN Corporation bring us MNL48 -- the Philippine adaptation of the phenomenal Japanese pop group AKB48.

With HHE spearheading this new project and the Kapamilya network as the media outlet, MNL48 is on its way to becoming the next big thing on Philippine television.

“We’re very excited for this partnership and with ABS-CBN as the home for our new project, we’re very positive that this will be one of our biggest milestones yet.” said Mr. Paulo Kurosawa, HHE’s President.

As co-producers of this new talent show, HHE and ABS-CBN will showcase a new flavor of entertainment to the Filipino audience as MNL48 will be patterned after the original AKB48 concept. The Asian invasion of this show that originated from Japan has now reached overseas including Jakarta, Bangkok, Taipei and now, Manila.

Ryo Aki Taxi Inc. supports MNL48 campaign

by Mnl48 Philippines

The MNL48 Project has embarked on a literal “journey,” as numerous Ryo Aki taxi units now carry MNL48 ads. These cabs travel around Metro Manila and nearby areas daily to transport an average of 450,000 passengers a month, making them a favorable instrument for boosting the MNL48 hype. Cab operator Ryo Aki Taxi Inc. has installed the promotional materials to support MNL48's ongoing search and campaign.

Fans have been spotting the eye-catching signage on the roof of Ryo Aki taxis since last week, and more sightings are expected to pour in as the next stage of the audition draws near. Have you seen one too? Then hail that cab, snap a photo, and share it to your fellow MNL48 followers on Facebook using the hashtag #MNL48Start.