Fans and MNL48 members gather at May Seitansai

by MNL48 Philippines

MNL48 Ecka, Thea and Rowee are grateful to celebrate their birthdays as Second Year members with their fans and friends at the Seitansai event on May 25, 2019 at Movie Stars Café.

As they turn a year older this month of May, Ecka on May 5, Thea on May 8, and Rowee on May 26, the idols prepared energetic performances of their hit tracks “Bingo!”, “Igai Ni Mango” and “365 Araw ng Eroplanong Papel”, together with the third single Senbatsu.


The celebrants also treated their fans with a special solo performance of their favorite songs. Rowee showcased her singing prowess with “The Climb”, “Wings” and “Torete”; and “A million Dreams” and Japanese song “Best friend” for Thea. Ecka had an impersonation of her co-members, lyrical dance of “Lay Me Down” and an acoustic version of “Dilemma”.


The event became even more memorable when the idol’s closest friends also gave their special message to Ecka, Thea and Rowee.

Coleen narrated how they became close and shared that she‘s lucky to have an ate like Rowee. “Before MNL48 close na talaga kami ni ate Rowee nasi nagkasama kami sa isang group. Napakamatampuhin niya pero kahit galit nakangiti yan. Parang hindi mo siya makikitang malungkot. Cheerful siya, thank you kasi nagiging ate ka sakin, lalo na kapag may nagawa akong hindi maganda sinasabihan niya ako. Thank you ate, I love you.”


“Thank you dahil lagi kang nandiyan sa tabi ko at go with the flow ka sa mga trip namin. Hindi ako makapaniwala na tayo tayo pa rin ang magkakasama simula nung nangangarap palang tayo, hanggang sa ngayon. Pero kahit ganito ako ka-bully, love na love ka namin,” Kay emotionally said to Thea.

Sela then expressed how grateful she is to have Ecka in her life. “I’m so grateful na nagkaroon ako ng isang kaibigan na ganito kabait. Alam niyo kung gaano ka-genuine si Ecka. Simula top 75, I’m so thankful that you’re always there, kahit sa mga hardships kaya thankful ako kay Lord na binigyan niya ako ng kagaya mo.”


“Sobrang tuwa niya po na nandito po kayong lahat. Kilala po namin siya na binuhos niya po lahat ng capabilities niya and ‘yung craft niya pinapakita niya sa aming lahat. Ngayong birthday mo gusto naming malaman mo na naa-appreciate ka namin,” Belle added.

“Thank you po MNLoves, binigyan niyo po ng kulay ‘yung birthday namin, kayo ‘yung pinakamagandang gift na natanggap namin,” Ecka concluded.


Meanwhile, MNL48 will be having the second day of their “365 Araw ng Eroplanong Papel” Handshake event this coming June, so stay updated on MNL48 through its social media accounts, website and mobile app.

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Official Statement: MNL48 First Generation Essel is now part of Tokyo Girls Collection Senbatsu and MNL48 kenkyuusei

by MNL48 Philippines

Hallohallo Entertainment Inc. (HHE) is pleased to announce that former MNL48 First Generation member Essel is now officially part of Tokyo Girls Collection (TGC) Senbatsu and MNL48 Kenkyuusei (Trainee), to replace the position of MNL48 Ella who was promoted as official Second Year member of the idol group.

HHE is delighted to welcome her back to the MNL48 family, and we look forward to the success of TGC shop that will soon open in the Philippines.

Thank you.


Official Statement: Kenkyuusei Ella to join MNL48 as official second year member

by MNL48 Philippines

Hallohallo Entertainment Inc. (HHE) would like to formally announce the promotion of Ella from Kenkyuusei (trainee) to MNL48 second year official member. MNL48 Ella will be part of the Next Girls at rank 48 and will join Team L.

As the group embarks on a new chapter, MNL48 members are all looking forward to do their best and work together to reach new heights for the fans who continuously give them their love and support.

Thank you.


Official Statement: Quincy will no longer be part of MNL48 second year.

by MNL48 Philippines

Hallohallo Entertainment Inc. (HHE) would like to officially announce the separation of Quincy to MNL48 due to personal reasons that we, HHE and MNL48 members, respect and understand.

We are grateful for the talent and dedication she shared with us and we wish her all the best in everything she has planned.

Moving forward, we thank the fans for their continued support and belief in the group. We are hopeful for what’s in store for MNL48’s future especially now that the group is currently working on their fourth single to be released soon and gearing up for their upcoming events, activities and projects.

Again, on behalf of all MNL48 members, thank you and we will see you at their next event!


MNL48 continuously promotes their “365 araw ng Eroplanong Papel” album

by MNL48 Philippines

The “365 Araw ng Eroplanong Papel” fever continues as MNL48 held their first mall show as official second year members on May 19, 2019 at Starmall San Jose Del Monte Bulacan after their recently concluded General Election last April 27.

Third Single Senbatsu Sheki, Brei, Rans, Coleen, Abby, Jem, Mari, and Lei performed the group’s hit tracks “Bingo!”, “Igai Ni Mango” and “365 Araw ng Eroplanong Papel”, and invited the fans to attend the 2nd day of their Handshake Event that will happen this coming June.

“It’s so nice to be here, namiss namin kayo. Akala namin nung last mall show ‘yun na ‘yung last, pero hindi pa pala dahil tuloy tuloy pa rin ‘yung promotions ng “365 Araw ng Eroplanong Papel” kaya we’re so thankful,” Sheki said.


Looking forward to their next encounter with the fans, Rans also shared that she felt really excited upon hearing the mall show. “Nakakatuwa po na nag-perform ulit kami sa mall show, ang tagal naming walang events, ngayon lang ulit namin makikita ‘yung fans namin, nakakamiss talaga. Ngayon kasi sabi nga namin new beginning, new chapter and mas gagalingan talaga namin this year.”

Coleen further narrated that she’s expecting that the 2nd day of their Handshake Event will be filled with laughter and happiness compared to the last one. .“Nung nakaraang Handshake event medyo malungkot kami nun, maraming umiiyak kasi magtatapos na ‘yung first generation ng MNL48. That time naiiisip ko na itong mga kasama ko ngayon magiiba na next time, kaya this time ine-expect ko na magiging masaya and mas dadami ‘yung fans namin kasi nadagdagan po kami ng members.”


Moreover, MNL48 was invited at MYX music awards last May 15 where Sheki, Aly, Abby, Coleen, Rans, Brei and Gabb attended the star-studded event. “Sobrang saya po na nakasama po kami sa MYX music awards, sobrang pleasure po na na-invite kami sa ganung event and dahil po ‘yun sa inyo kasi patuloy niyo po kaming sinusuportahan and sana po nandun ulit kami next year,” Rans said.


Meanwhile, MNL48 just started their new online show, “Interactive Live” where fans can get to know more about their idols with their fun talks and exciting activities. Surprise announcements of the next episodes will be posted on their official Facebook page, so follow their social media accounts to get the latest updates. Fans may also visit their website and download the MNL48 Fan Club App for more information.

“It’s a good year for us and we look forward sa mga magaganda pang mangyayari this year,” Rans concluded.

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MNL48’s new online show introduces the Second Year members

by MNL48 Philippines

MNL48 launched its new online show called MNL48 Interactive Live where the teen idols will be able to connect with their fans on May 11, 2019 through their official Facebook page and YouTube channel.

The MNL48 Interactive Live will have different activities such as exciting challenges and Q&A with the fans, to get know the Second Year members more especially the new idols.

As their first episode of the MNL48 Interactive Live, the Second Year’s Kami 7 Alice, Jamie, Sayaka, Sheki, Abby, Sela, and Center Girl Aly welcomed and thanked their fans who joined them during the online show. Excited to talk to their idols again, the fans also congratulated the girls and expressed their support towards the Second Year members.

With more than 180 shares and 10,000 views of their pilot episode on Facebook, Aly shared that although she feels the pressure of being the face of MNL48, her motivation to do her duties well as Center Girl still prevails as she begins a new chapter in her life.

Moreover, for Jamie who joined the MNL48 for the first time at rank 6, being part of the idol group felt like she’s at cloud nine. “I’m so happy to be here. Di pa rin ako makapaniwala pero dahil andiyan kayo [mga members] para i-guide ako, sobrang saya lang,” she said looking forward to grow with the other members as she starts her idol journey at MNL48.

Following their pilot episode, Aly, Gabb, Lara, along with some of new idols Yzabel, Ice, and Klaire were also able to hang out with their fans and expressed their happiness of being part of MNL48’s Second Year during the online show which aired on May 13, 2019.

“Gagawin ko ‘yung best ko sa lahat ng performance. Hindi ko ine-expect na makakapasok ako kasi super dami natin [candidates], ang iniisip ko na lang kung makakapasok po ako it’s better po sa akin ‘yon, kung hindi naman po baka hindi pa sa akin ‘yon,” said Klaire, adding that their trainings are not that easy but she is dedicated to learn and improve her skills and talents.

Yzabel also expressed her gratitude towards her supporters for giving her a chance to join MNL48. “Thank you so much MNLoves for helping me reach the cut. I’m very thankful and honored na you guys thought that I have potential, you guys believed in us kahit sobrang bago kami, we will work hard and we will prove our worth,” she said.

Watch the first and second episode of their newest online show “MNL48 Interactive Live” on

their Facebook page or YouTube channel to get to know the Second Year members and interact with them:

Unlike their previous daily online shows where fans can watch the livestream from Mondays to Saturdays, 6PM through their Facebook page and YouTube channel, this time, MNL48 will only have surprise announcements of when to stay tuned to catch the next MNL48 Interactive Live episodes.

Meanwhile, catch the MNL48 Second Year members perform live at their mall shows at Starmall San Jose Del Monte, Bulacan on May 19, 2019 and at Marikina Riverbanks Center on May 26, 2019.

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Former MNL48 members bid goodbye to their idol journey

by MNL48 Philippines

After the second General Election named their Top 48 members, MNL48 former members and Kenkyuusei were emotional during their Graduation Ceremony on May 1, 2019 at Movie Stars Cafe.

Performing their hit songs for one last time Ella, Gia, Jewel, Essel, Erica, Cassey, Madie, Necca, Nice, Princess, Vira, Mela, Yna, Karla, Hazel, and Sha bid their goodbyes to their fans.

“Masaya po ako kasi simula kauna-unahan hanggang huli, It’s Showtime days palang hanggang ngayon nandito kayo hanggang sa kahuli-hulihan ng journey namin,” said Ella, who ranked at the eighth spot during the first General Election last 2018.

Thankful for the fans that poured their effort and time for the group, Gia, who was in the 28th rank in the first General Election, appreciated their supporters for joining them for the last time. “We just want to say thank you po sa lahat ng nilaan niyong time para sa amin kahit anong mangyari ibibgay po namin ‘yung best namin para mapatunayan namin na worthy po kami of your time. Thank you po, hindi namin ineexpect na ‘yung salitang ‘fan’ pala ay susuklian pa ng mas higit pa sa pagiging fan, kaya sobra po kaming blessed.”

First Generation Center Girl, Sheki also gave an emotional speech for the graduates during the event. “Gusto ko lang sabihin sa inyo na maraming maraming salamat. You’ve done a lot for MNL48 para mapaangat ‘yung group. Lahat kayo may Center Girl spirit, sad lang na hindi ko lang kayo nakita lahat na mag Center Girl sa mga feature singles natin. Isipin niyo na lang na may plano si Lord para sa inyo, may nakatakda sa inyo. Gusto ko lang sabihin na hindi dito nagtatapos lahat.”

Still emotional from the second General Election, Martin Roy Regala will continue to support her oshi Gia in her journey. “When they ended with ‘Talulot ng Sakura’ parang fitting naman dahil it’s a graduation song pero mas emotional sa akin ‘yung ‘365 Araw ng Eroplanog Papel’ kasi it’s my favorite song and si Gia pa ‘yung center nung performance. Mabilis akong umiyak, mababaw luha ko, when I saw them cry, nagpipigil lang ako,” he expressed.

Long-time fan Brenan was also heartbroken to say goodbye to his oshi Nice, “sad po kasi ayoko pong makita na matapos ‘yung journey po nila, ayoko po silang maalis pero sana po hindi na siya sad. Don’t lose hope po marami pa pong chances may reason po baka po may mas magandang opportunity po for you.”

The fans were also able to shake hands with the 16 First Generation members and Kenkyuusei graduates for the last time. “Sinabi ko po sa kaniya na maging happy po siya kasi andito lang po kami para sa kaniya,” Brenan added when he met up close with his oshi.

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MNL48 introduced Second Year members and crowns new Center Girl

by MNL48 Philippines

A new chapter begins for the Philippines’ first idol group as MNL48 debuts official Second Year Members in a press conference today, April 30, 2019 at Movie Stars Café.

The groups’ second annual General Election was held last Saturday, April 27 at ABS CBN Vertis Tent where the official members of MNL48 Second Year were revealed.

This year’s election, 48 girls out of 77 candidates was selected by the fans, through a voting system, where Aly was crowned as the new Center Girl following Sela at rank 2 and Aby at rank 3, switching places from last year’s election.

Getting a higher rank this year, Sela emphasized the best and tough part of being an MNL48 members since the Second General Election ended, “since ‘yung system po naming is by ranking, rank is just a number for us and it can’t define you as a person or our capabilities. ‘Yung the best part as an MNL48 member is to inspire people through your works, through your progress to motivate our fans and make them happy. We’re very blessed na binigyan po kami ni Lord ng talent ng capabilities na kaya naming magpasaya ng tao, that’s the best part po. I think the tough part of being an MNL48 member po is ‘yung voting po kasi every year po kami may General Election and I think the voting system is very tough for us.”

MNL48 Second Year Center Girl Aly expressed that Sheki and the First Generation members are her inspirations to lead the group as the new Top 1. “Ate Sheki is my inspiration for being the new center girl and for me as the center girl of the Second Year members. This is a new beginning, the new chapter of MNL48. I will dedicate this to all of us, I will continue what ate Sheki, the First Generation started, and that is to propagate the idol industry here in the Philippines.”

Meanwhile, joining the MNL48 for the first time at rank 6, Jamie shared how she will face the challenges of being a new member of the group. “The best thing that I have right now is my determination and my passion and my love for what I do po. Whatever challenges that may come after me, I will accept them and treat my mistakes as a lesson and become a better person through this. I’m going to make my first generation seniors as an inspiration to do my best and to give my all into every performance.”

Moreover, Senbatsu will perform the fourth single of MNL48, lead by Center Girl Aly, together with the Under Girls for its coupling song which will be released in July.

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MNL48 named their Second Year members and New Center Girl

by MNL48 Philippines

The final results of MNL48’s second General Election were announced naming the idol group’s official Second Year members, revealed new rankings, and crowned new Center Girl on April 27, 2019 at ABS-CBN Vertis Tent in Quezon City.

The MNL48 Second General Election is an annual event where fans get to vote for their favorite members who they think should be part of the Top 48, following the system of MNL48’s international sister group, AKB48.

The official members will be grouped according to their rankings based from the voting result: Senbatsu (Top 1 to 16), Under Girls (Top 17 to 32), and Next Girls (Top 33 to 48).

For this year, a total 77 candidates took part in the election but only 48 idols were selected by the fans to be part the official Second Year members and hailed Aly, who ranked at 26th spot during the first General Election last year, as the new Center Girl.

“I just want to say thank you, papa Lord for giving me this. I will never, never, never forget to say I really, really love you,” Aly expressed.

Following the Center Girl is Sela at rank 2 and Abby at rank 3, switching places from last year’s election, while First Generation Center Girl Sheki took the 4th spot.

“Para sa inyong lahat ito, sobrang saya ko po ngayon dahil andito po kayo. It’s been an honor po na maglingkod sa MNL48 for three consecutive singles po. Sana po suportahan niyo pa rin ang MNL48,” said Sheki.

To be the Center Girl and a member of Senbatsu is what all candidates aim in every General Election as this group gets to perform the new single and will have more exposure in terms of appearances, activities and performances, that’s why Rowee who was previously part of the Kenkyuusei (Trainee) last year couldn’t believe her fate as she took the 16thspot.

Meanwhile, following the Senbatsu is the Under Girls (Top 17 to 32) where Thea, who was at rank 45 in last year’s election, climbed up to rank 17 making her the Under Girl’s Center as they will perform the coupling single of MNL48 Second Year’s next single.

Completing the Top 48 were the Next Girls (Top 33 to 48) where Andi took the 48th spot from being a Kenkyuusei (Trainee) last year.

Here is the full list and rankings of MNL48 Second Year members:

Still emotional from the turnout of the event, Aly’s avid supporter John Cabahug expressed that MNL48’s new lineup, especially for Senbatsu and Kami 7, is unexpected. “First of all, happy na happy talaga ako kasi ‘yung kami-oshi [most favorite member] ko ang naging Center Girl, hindi talaga madali mag-vote as in you have to input one by one,” he noted adding that he was relieved after Aly was announced as Top 1 of MNL48’s Second Year members.

The ranking results of the Second General Election ranking system were based 100% from the public voting happened from April 1 to April 26, 2019 through MNL48 official website and Fan Club app by using a voting ticket that can be availed by purchasing any selected MNL48 merchandise and MNL48 CDs.

The result was checked and verified by the Department of Trade and Industry (DTI) representative and Hallohallo Entertainment Inc. (HHE) officials to ensure the accuracy and integrity of the election data.

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MNL48 First Generation and fans shed tears at the “365 Araw ng Eroplanong Papel” Handshake Event

by MNL48 Philippines

A day before the announcement of the official Second Year members on the MNL48, the official candidates and fans were emotional in their encounter at “365 Araw ng Eroplanong Papel” Handshake Event on April 26, 2019 at ABS-CBN Vertis Tent.

MNL48 fans didn’t miss the chance to interact with their Oshi and watch them perform their hit tracks “Igai ni Mango”, “Bingo!”, and “364 Araw ng Eroplanong Papel” for the last time as the First Generation members of MNL48.

MNL48 Center Girl Sheki looked back on how they started since they were introduced last April 28, 2018 as the First Generation members, and thanked their fans who’ve always been by their side since the start of their idol journey. “Simula noon hanggang ngayon nandiyan kayong lahat, nakakatuwa na lumaki ng ganito ‘yung pamilya natin. Alam ko lahat kayo pressured sa General Election, thank you kasi alam ko na binibigay niyo ‘yung best niyo para sa amin.”

“Gusto ko sabihin sa inyo na you did a great job, nakita ng lahat ‘yung paghihirap and pagiging positive nating lahat. Gusto kong malaman niyo na you are enough. Kahit anong mangyari sa atin bukas, ranking is just a number pero ‘yung pagmamahal natin sa isa’t isa and ng MNLoves hindi masusukat ng kahit anong numero,” Sheki said crying while sending her heartfelt message to her co-MNL48 members.

“We guarantee you all na habang buhay namin dadalhin ‘yung pagsasama natin,” Sela added.

Moreover, a 29-year old fan of Alice, Lean said that he’s expecting that this last chance to handshake the girls will be filled with happiness and sadness at the same time that there’s a possibility that this might be their last chance to see the complete First Generation members together.

“Kailangan sa pagkakataong ito, ay ma-meet namin sila in person at mabigyan pa namin sila ng more appreciation and motivation habang hindi pa dumarating ang General Election.”

“For sure iiyak ako, natatakot ako na last na nila ito, dalawa silang Oshi ko na nanganganib. ’Yung handshake na ibibigay ko sa kanila kailangan sulit na sulit kasi baka ito na ‘yung last chance naming magusap as MNL48 members sila,” Jian Fadul, a 22-year old fan added who supports Alyssa and Quincy that both didn’t make it to the Top 48 in the released preliminary results for the General Election.

To wrap up the successful event, the 77 Second Generation candidates had a countdown on stage to officially close the voting for the General Election, and invited the fans to join them as MNL48 announced the 48 Second Year members tomorrow, April 27 at ABS-CBN Vertis Tent.

“Sana suportahan niyong muli ang MNL48 lalo na sa General Election bukas. Sana lahat po kami suportahan niyo, First Generation, Kenkyuusei and Second Generation kasi po lahat kami pantay pantay,” Sheki concluded.

In addition, on April 19, 2019, “365 Araw ng Eroplanong Papel” single had its digital release on Spotify, Amazon, Apple Music and iTunes, where a day after its release, the album immediately climbed up to No. 1 Spot on iTunes Top Albums.

“Sana patuloy niyo po kami supportahan sa aming Third Single, patuloy lang po ang pag stream sa aming music video, at pag boto sa MYX daily charts,” Rans said.

Visit the MNL48 website and follow its official social media accounts for more updates of the members’ events and guesting. Meanwhile, stream and listen to MNL48 debut album through the links below.


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