MNL48 Senbatsu performed at the Philippines’ first Idol Matsuri

by Mnl48 Philippines

After the successful release of MNL48 “Aitakatta – Gustong Makita” music video, MNL48 Senbatsu members performed at the first Manila Idol Matsuri held last Sunday, September 2, 2018 at TIU Theater, Makati Square.

Manila Idol Matsuri 2018, dubbed as the biggest idol event in Manila, gathered some of best Japanese idol-inspired Filipino groups and their fans for a day of live performances and fun activities.

The event was organized by The Daily Manila Shimbun, a Japanese broadsheet based in the Philippines and hosted by Japh Dolls, a half Filipina-Japanese girl group, attended by more than 400 fans who came to witness the performances of 15 indie idol groups from all over the country and the much-awaited performance of MNL48 Senbatsu members: Sheki, Abby, Sela, Tin, Alice, Ella, Ash, Gabb, Jem, Sayaka, Faith, Lara, Grace, Quincy, Alyssa, Erica.

Aside from the actual show, there were different booths around the venue for fans to purchase official merchandise of their favorite idol groups which includes two MNL48 booths. The fans excitedly visited the said booths to get hold of MNL48 items and participate in the “Photocard Gacha”, an exciting and tricky photocard selling wherein customers will have to pick from a set of random photocards, which includes their Oshi’s photocard, hoping to choose their preferred set.

For the main show, MNL48 Senbatsu members graced the event for a special performance as announced last August 25 on Manila Idol Matsuri’s and MNL48’s official Facebook pages.

For their first song, the girls performed their debut single “Aitakatta - Gustong Makita” followed by “Skirt, Hirari - Umiindak na Saya” and “Sakura no Hanabiratachi - Talulot ng Sakura” which all earned loud cheer from the audience, and for the event’s finale, the 15 idol groups who performed during the event joined MNL48 Senbatsu members on stage and sang “Aitakatta - Gustong Makita”.

Before leaving the event, Sheki, Abby, Sela, Alice, Ash, and Faith visited the MNL48 booths to personally extend their gratitude to the fans who came to watch and support and even sold some of the merchandise themselves.

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