MNL48 opens registration for 2nd Generation

by Wilson

MNL48 officially opens the registration for young talented females to join the search for MNL48 Second Generation members on Thursday, January 31, 2019 through its official Fan Club App and website.

The search was first announced last January 19 during MNL48's guesting on ABS-CBN's It's Showtime and through the idol group's social media pages. The registration for the Second Generation will run from January 31, 2019 until February 28, 2019 only.

On Thursday, the requirements for the Second Generation search were also released along with the mechanics. So, who are qualified to join the search?


1. Female, Single between the ages of 15 to 20 years old and a Philippine resident

2. Must not be under any artist/talent contractual agreement that would prohibit the contestant from entering into a management contract with MNL48.

Just like last year's audition for MNL48 First Generation, Second Generation aspirants will register through the MNL48 Fan Club App available on Apple Store and Google Play or through MNL48 official website at

Looking back, MNL48 First Generation search garnered 4,134 applicants from the online and nationwide registration and audition tour, and following its success, MNL48 Second Generation search is expected to receive thousands of applications from talented girls around the country who hopes to be part of the Philippines’ first idol group, MNL48.

After the registration and audition process, aspirants who will be chosen from the first stage will move on to the next stage of the audition process that will start on March 2019. Finalists of MNL48 Second Generation will be announced on March 22, 2019.

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AKB48 Group Asia Festival 2019 in Bangkok presented by Shanda Games

by Wilson

AKB48 held its first AKB48 Group Asia Festival 2019 in Bangkok where seven international sister groups gathered in one stage at Impact Arena on January 27, 2019.

AKB48 Group Asia Festival 2019 was the first time that JKT48 (Jakarta), BNK48 (Bangkok), MNL48 (Manila), AKB48 Team SH (Shanghai), AKB48 Team TP (Taipei), SGO48 (Ho Chi Minh) and AKB48 (Akihabara) were gathered for a joint concert after seven years since the idol groups were formed.

Everyone was excited to witness the joint concert of all sister groups where fans enjoyed the group’s songs and special performances during the memorable event.

The event was divided into two segments. The first segment followed the concept of “Idols you can meet” where fans had the chance to get up close, have a High-5 with all international sister groups for the first time in AKB48 history. The mini live concert of each group was also held during the first segment.

During the mini concert of AKB48, Yui Yokoyama and five other co-members introduced their official mobile game, “AKB48 Cherry Bay Blaze” during their performance of “Iiwake Maybe” where each member’s characters were flashed on the screen. Global pre-order of the game was also announced as they hope to get the fans to support the AKB48 Group even in the world of virtual gamming.

On the second segment, a total of 30 songs were performed by seven sister groups which started off with AKB48’s hit song “Aitakatta” as the crowd loudly cheered with joy. For the finale, all 76 international members sang and dance to their phenomenal single “Koisuru Fortune Cookie”.

Yui Yokoyama of AKB48 expressed her thoughts in joining their sister groups in one stage. “I was so nervous since this was the first time that all international groups will gather in one concert, but I felt happy that we were able to unite with other groups to sing AKB48 songs even in different languages.”

“We all came from different regions with different culture and activities, but I believe we are in one team, we will try hard to make these groups successful and today is a great start for it,” she added.

BNK48 Center Girl Cherprang also commented “it was a happy day for us to be with our wonderful senior members from AKB48. Thank you so much!”

Meanwhile, AKS is planning to hold Asia Festivals in different regions because of the success of AKB48 Group Asia Festival 2019, hoping to make the idol culture known in the world.

Asia Festival outline

Title: AKB48 Group Asia Festival 2019 in Bangkok presented by Shanda Games

Date: January 27, /2019 (Sunday)

Venue: Impact Arena (Bangkok, Thailand)

Performer: AKB48 7 groups (AKB48/JKT48/BNK48/MNL48/Team SH/Team TP/SGO48)

Program : Part 1 (12 pm to 4 pm) AKB48 Group・Asia Festival・Event

Part 2 (7 pm to 9:30 pm) AKB48 Group Joint Concert

Host: Executive committee of AKB48 Group Asia Festival (AKS/ZAAP/SHANDA GAMES)

Special sponsor: SHANDA GAMES



Broadcast/Stream: TOHOKU FILM CORPORATION (Japan)/AIS(Thai)

AKB48 Yui Yokoyama, Juri Takahashi, Nana Okada, Mion Mukaichi, Yui Oguri, Megu Taniguchi, Satone Kubo, Narumi Luranoo, Rin Okabe, Miu Shitao
JKT48 Nurhayati, Feni Fitriyanti, Sinka Juliani, Stephanie Pricilla Indarto, Cindy Yuvia, Shania Gracia, Shani Indira Natio, Ratu Vienny Fitrilya, Ayana Shahab, Ayu Safira Oktaviani
BNK48 Pun, Cherprang, Wee, Music, Noey, Orn, Jennis, Kaew, Tarwaan, Namneung, Mobile, Kaimook, Pupe, Fond, Mewnich, June
MNL48 Abby, Brei, Coleen, Faith, Gabb, Jem, Mari, Rans, Sela, Sheki
AKB48 Team SH Dong Fangchi, Li Shiql Liu Nian, Mao Weijia, Shen Ying, Wei Xin, Wu Anqi, Xu Yiting, Zhai Yujia, Zhu Ling
AKB48 Team TP Tseng Shih-Yu, Chen Shih, Maria Abe, Liu Yu-Ching, Pan Tzu-Yi, Liu Jie-Ming, Sin Tik Kei, Chiu Pin-Han, Lin Yu-Hsin, Lee Meng-Chun
SGO48 Truc Pham, Anna, Hikari, Janie, Kaycee, Le Trang, Linh Mai, Mon, Sachi, Trung Duong
1. Aitakatta (All 76) 18. Kibouteki Refrain (AKB48)
2. Medley (All 76) 19. Jabaja (AKB48)
3. Shonichi (SGO48) 20. #SukiNanda (AKB48)
4. Shoujotachi yo (SGO48) 21. Heavy Rotation (WRD48 Senbatsu
5. Mae Shika Mukanee (AKB48 Team TP) 22. Tenshi no Shippo (Sin Tik-kei, Liu Nian, Trần Cát
6. Sougen no Kiseki (AKB48 Team TP) 23. Blue rose (Shekinah Arzaga, Cindy
Yuvia, Punsikorn Tiyakorn, Võ Phan Kim Khánh)
7. LOVE TRIP (AKB48 Team SH) 24. Temodemo no Namida (Cherprang
Areekul, Okada Nana)
8. 365nichi no Kamihikouki (AKB48 Team SH) 25. Heart Gata Virus (Chiu Pin-han, Oguri
Yui, Praewa Suthamphong)
9. PARTY ga Hajimaru yo (MNL48) 26. End Roll (Mao WeiJia, Shani Indira Natio, Jennis
Oprasert, Abelaine Trinidad)
10. First Rabbit (MNL48) 27. Tsuki to Mizukagami (Yokoyama Yui, Mukaichi
Mion, Natruja Chutiwansopon (Piano))
11. Iiwake Maybe (MNL48) 28. Kimi no Koto ga Suki Dakara
12. RIVER (BNK48) 29. After Rain (All 76)
13. Oogoe Diamond (BNK48) 30. Everyday, Katyusha (All 76)
14. Kimi wa Melody (BNK48) 31. Sakura no Hanabiratachi (All 76)
15. UZA (JKT48) 32. AKB Festival (All 76)
16. Flying Get (JKT48) 33. Koi Suru Fortune Cookie (All 76)
17. High Tension (JKT48)

MNL48’s international debut

The AKB48 Group Asia Festival 2019 was indeed a dream concert not just for the fans but also for the seven sister groups who participated in the event, and as for MNL48 the joint concert paved the way for the goup’s international debut.

Attended by thousands of fans from all over the world, MNL48 wowed the crowd on their first overseas show as they proudly showcased their talents in front of an international crowd performing their hits and sharing the stage with their sister groups.

For the first segment, MNL48 Faith, Gabb, Jem, Mari, Brei, Rans, Coleen, Sela, Abby and Sheki joined their sister groups for the much-anticipated “high-5” event and the mini concert performing an acoustic version of their hits “Aitakatta - Gustong Makita”, “Palusot Ko'y Maybe”, and “Pag-ibig Fortune Cookie”.

Meanwhile for the joint concert, MNL48 did not disappoint as Faith, Gabb, Jem, Mari, Brei, Rans, Coleen, Sela, Abby and Sheki delivered flawless performances of “Party Himajirou yo”, “First Rabbit” and “Palusot Ko’y Maybe” which earned #MNL48 a spot on the trending topics in the Philippines on Twitter together with the #AKB48AsiaFest.

MNL48 center girl Sheki also had a special moment with other members performing a multilingual version of “Blue Rose” while Abby was also given a chance to perform together with fellow idols selected from each sister groups as they sang “End Roll”. After Sheki’s performance, her name trended as well on Philippines Trends on Twitter.

One of the highlights of events was the performance of the Asia Festival World Senbatsu members where MNL48 Sheki and Abby joined Music (BNK48), Shani Indiranatio (JKT48), Anna (SGO48), Mao Wei Jia (ABK48 Team SH), Yui Oguri (AKB48), Sin Tik Kei (AKB48 Team TP), Pun (BNK48), Nana Okada (AKB48), Kaycee (SGO48), Chiu Pin-Han (AKB48 Team TP) , Liu Nian (ABK48 Team SH), Cindy Yuvia (JKT48), Yui Yoko Yama (AKB48), and Cherprang (BNK48) as center girl as they perform “Heavy Rotation” on stage.

With the success of AKB48 Group Asia Festival this year, local and international fans, as well as the members of MNL48, couldn’t wait to see the group rock the stage once again on the next Asia Fest.

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MNL48 shares idol journey at Radyo Inquirer, gives message to the youth

by Wilson

MNL48 idols Alice, Ecka, Dian, Daryll, and Essel shared their idol journey of being an MNL48 member at DZIQ 990 Radyo Inquirer on January 19, 2019.

Singing their chart-topping songs from their 2nd single and certified Gold and Platinum album, the girls performed “First Rabbit”, “Palusot Ko’y Maybe”, and “Pag-ibig Fortune Cookie” live at the radio station’s Warrior Angel program hosted by Brenda Domato.

“Nagsimula po ‘yung group naming noong 2016 pa po, and umikot po ‘yung MNL48 sa iba’t-ibang parte ng Pilpinas. Siyempre po meron din online na audition kung saan pwede rin i-vote ‘yung mga gusto niyong makapasok sa MNL48,” said overall team captain Alice, adding that more than 4,000 girls age 15-20 auditioned to become part of AKB48’s fourth international sister group.

MNL48 member Daryll shared her experience when she eagerly auditioned for the all-girl idol group’s first generation. “Sinabi ko po kay mama ‘ma, parang kinukutuban na po ako dito, gustong-gusto ko po talaga makasali’. Ang dami ko na pong audition na sinalihan, tapos hindi po ako nakakapasok. Sabi ko po this is my time,” she narrated.

MNL48 undergo a meticulous training to prepare for their different activities and events, these trainings and lessons are needed to enlighten and help the girls to become an idol. “Sobrang dami po naming pinagdaanan, sa training pa lang po naming sa sayaw, kanta. Meron din po kaming personality development para po alam po namin ‘yung dapat itama sa amin at the same time matuto po kami hindi lang bilang isang idol pati na rin maging magandang impluwensiya sa kabataan,”Ecka expressed.

But their hectic schedule only makes the girls’ friendship and bond stronger “Sobrang saya ko po na nakakasama sila kasi marami po akong natutunan and nagtutulungan po kami sa isa’t-isa. If ever may hindi kayang gawin ‘yung isa, tuturuan ng isa,” Dian described their bond with each other and treating each member as a family.

Moreover, the girls also hoped that the youth will not give up easily to achieve their dreams, “kung talagang may pangarap kayo, abutin niyo po yon, ‘wag po kayong mag-give up, ‘wag kayong basta-basta susuko at talagang matutupad niyo po yung inaasam-asam niyo,” said Essel.

“Dream big, lagi kayong magtitiwala sa sarili niyo kasi in order to succeed you must first believe in yourself,” shared Team NIV captain Ecka who also feels blessed to have MNL48 as an opportunity to inspire other people and also be a breadwinner for their family.

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MNL48 receives Gold and Platinum awards for “Pag-ibig Fortune Cookie” on It’s Showtime

by Wilson

“Pag-ibig Fortune Cookie” fever continues as MNL48 earns the Gold and Platinum record awards from Star Music for their second single on It’s Showtime today, January 19, 2019.

Senbatsu members Sheki, Abby, Sela, Brei, Belle, Gabb, Coleen, Rans, Jem, Lei, Mari, Jan, Kay, Alyssa, Faith, and Ella sing and dance to the beat of “Pag-ibig Fortune Cookie” and extended their sincerest thanks to their ever supportive fans.

“Maraming maraming salamat po sa pagbigay po ng inyong tiwala sa MNL48 and nagpapasalamat kami sa mga fans namin. Maraming salamat din po sa ABS-CBN family, It’s Showtime, Star Music and Hallo Hallo Entertainment na talagang inaalagaan po kami para makapag-produce po kami ng magandang music. Maraming salamat po sainyong lahat dahil naa-appreciate niyo po kami,” Sheki said.

Mr. Jonathan Manalo audio content head of Star Music awarded the Music Plaques and congratulated the girls. “Congratulations MNL48 and sa lahat ng tao behind MNL48, Gio Medina, Direk Jilmer Dy and of course Paulo Kurosawa. We’re very proud of you girls.”

Moreover, Abby shared how proud and excited they are to represent the country in the upcoming AKB48 Group Asia Festival 2019. “We are so happy to announce that finally MNL48 will go outside the country to have concert at Impact Arena in Bangkok, Thailand. We’re so blessed po dahil ire-represent na po namin ang ating bansang Pilipinas, proud to be Pinoy!

The #MNL48onItsShowtime also trended 6th spot nationwide.

Another highlight of their It’s Showtime guesting was the revelation of the Second Generation audition.

“Maguumpisa na po ang audition ng Second Generation ng MNL48. Kaya naman po young ladies we encourage you guys to audition para po maging part ng international idol girl group at siyempre po maging inspirasyon po sa mga kabataan,” Sela said.

Looking back, MNL48 had its First Generation registration and audition tour last October 2017 where they roamed around Luzon, Visayas and Mindanao for the nationwide idol search, and last January 20, 2018, the Top 200 was launched on It’s Showtime.

Starting this January 31, MNL48 2nd Generation aspirants may submit their entries to be part of the nationwide search. Details of the registration will be announced on MNL48’s official social media pages, so make sure to visit MNL48 website, download the MNL48 Fan Club app and register, and subscribe and follow MNL48’s social media accounts for latest updates and news.

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MNL48 receives PPOP Awards’ PPOP Youth Model of the Year 2018

by Wilson

Pinoy POP (PPOP) awards for young artists, an award giving body recognizing young Filipino artists in the Philippine pop industry, awarded MNL48 with their “Youth Model of the Year – Huwaran ng Kabataan Award” during the MNL48 January Seitansai held at Movie Stars Cafe on January 13, 2019.

The prestigious recognition was announced last December 29 on MNL48’s and PPOP’s official Facebook pages and today Mr. John Mark Quiblat, the Founding Chairman of PPOP Artist League presented the “Youth Model of the Year – Huwaran ng Kabataan Award” plaque and certificate to MNL48 as a surprise segment for January Seitansai event.


PPOP awards’ Youth Model of the Year – Huwaran ng Kabataan is a special award of PPOP Artists League to recognize the influence of the group as a good role model to the young generation in uplifting the Filipino talents and showcasing the Filipino culture through their music and performances. The group was chosen based on the criteria and votes of PPOP Awards Committee consisting of young professionals from different sectors that represents youth, music, performing arts, academe, film, creative production and advocates in the country.


MNL48 center girl Sheki thanked PPOP Awards as their group was chosen to be the PPOP Youth Model of the Year and expressed her gratitude for MNLoves. “Thank you kasi kahit nagsisimula pa lang ang MNL48 mayroon na tayong award, mayroon na tayong achievement. Dahil sa inyo kaya namin ‘to nakuha, para sa inyo ‘to!”.

Abby and Sela are looking forward to receive more awards in the future and claiming that 2019 will be MNL48’s year. Moreover, January celebrant Jan felt lucky as their group received the plaque on their birthday celebration.

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MNL48 celebrates this year’s Seijin Shiki

by Mnl48 Philippines

MNL48 members Jem, Hazel, Sayaka, Dani, Dana, Kay, Brei, Faith, and, Lara celebrated their coming of age, Seijin Shiki with fans on January 13, 2019 held at Movie Stars Cafe, as they will be turning 20 years old this year. 

Celebrating the momentous event, the girls talked about their goals and dreams as they welcome adulthood, dressed in beautifully designed Kimono following the tradition of wearing a ceremonial dress in Japan.


Faith shared how a shy girl had the courage to reach her dreams and to become an MNL48 idol, “I used to be the person na sobrang mahiyain, kahit nasa harapan na ang chances talagang umaatras siya, ngayon po na-achieve ko ang dreams slowly but surely.”


Brei also narrated her inspiring story on how rejections made her a stronger person. “Sa rejection and challenges po talaga ko kumapit, dati puro rejections tapos lagi ako napapatanong sa sarili ko, ngayon lahat ng ‘yon nasagot na. Dati po kaya akong patumbahin ng mga negatibo pero ngayon po nakita ko na ‘yung mga negatibong comment na ‘yun ay gawing positibo para sa pangarap ko.”

“Mas naging confident ako, nalalabas ko yung sarili ko. Gusto ko mas mag-improve pa ako, mas naging motivated ako. Sa dami ng pinagdaanan ko, masasabi ko na idol na ako and hindi ako susuko at magiging good example ako sa mga kabataan,” Sayaka noted her realizations in her MNL48 journey.


The girls performed their hit songs namely “First Rabbit”, “Umiindak Na Saya”, Aitakatta – Gustong Makita”, “Pag-ibig Fortune Cookie”, and “Talulot Ng Sakura”, followed by a fun game called “Future-rades” that made the crowd active and energetic.

Moreover, MNL48 members reminisced their idol journey, starting out as applicants. “Thankful po ako na may MNL48, and na-realize ko po na we are family,” Jem said.

“Sobrang laki po ng nabago sakin ng MNL48, mas marami po akong naging kaibigan, maraming memories na nagawa and marami po akong nai-inspire na tao. Pangako ko po sa sarili ko na mas magiging matatag and matapang po ako sa mga challenges and mas pagpupursigihan ko po para makasama sa Top 48,” Dani said.

Dana also added her everyday learnings on MNL48. “Araw araw po ako may natututunan and nalalaman para mas ma-enhance po ung sarili namin as a person and as an idol. And natutunan ko rin po pano makisalamuha sa mga tao. Panagako ko po na I will do my best, I will always give my all.”


Hazel then shared how MNL48 changed her. “Ang dami pong nabago sakin sa personality development po, how we talk, speak, siyempre po hindi po namin magagwa ‘yun kung wala ‘yung coaches namin. Sila po talaga tumulong sa amin para po magbago and mas maging idol.”

“Dati po boyish talaga ako, naging mahinhin na po ako ng konti, medyo tumahimik po ako kasi sobrag maingay po talaga ako at makulit,” Lara said.

Kay also expressed her happiness of being part of “Pag-ibig Fortune Cookie” and being the Captain of Team L.


Another highlight of the event was the “Childhood mo I-hashtag mo” where the idols explained the story behind their cute and memorable throwback pictures, and their given hashtags to the photos.

The girls also shared that they are looking forward for their AKB48 Group Asia Festival concert in Bangkok on January 27 where Jem told their fans to “not stress yourself kapag hindi po kayo makakapunta sa mga events namin because your love already supports us."


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Fans send well-wishes to MNL48 January celebrants

by Wilson

Celebrating their birthday as idols for the first time, MNL48 members Jan, Cassey, Grace, and Aly shared their special day with their supporters and fans on January 13, 2019 held at Movie Stars Cafe during this month’s Seitansai.

MNL48 Senbatsu together with the birthday celebrants wowed the audience with their kawaii performances of “Palusot Ko’y Maybe” followed by “First Rabbit” by the January Seitansai, and the ending the program with a lively performance of their platinum-hit song “Pag-ibig Fortune Cookie”.


Turning a year older where Jan celebrated her 18th birthday on January 5, Cassey’s 16th on January 9, Grace’s 22nd on January 13, and Aly’s 18th on January 11, the idols were given a surprise video birthday wishes from their parents as they celebrate their birthdays away from their family for the first time.


A special and emotional birthday greeting from Jan’s mother Magnolia Elaurza surprised the idol, “wag kang gi-give up sa mga pangarap mo sa buhay. Pasensya ka na at hindi tayo nakapag-celebrate ng birthday mo. Basta kaming pamilya mo naka-support lang dito. Mahal na mahal ka namin anak, alam namin na kaya mo lahat ng pagsubok na darating sa buhay mo. Sana wag ka magbabago at lagi mong tatandaan na si God laging nasa tabi mo.”

“Happy birthday to my beloved daughter, my wish for you in life is success, good health, and more blessings to come. Nandito lang kami sumusuporta sayo, we love you so much,” Cassey’s mother Jackeline Pestillos wished for her daughter.


“Happy birthday, Aly, I wish you all the best in life, more blessings and success to come. Basta tandaan mo huwag kalimutan mag dasal. Enjoy mo lang lahat-lahat ng ginagwa mo. Nandito lang kami ng papa mo na sumusuporta sayo,” Alma Padillo said, supporting her daughter Aly’s idol journey in MNL48.

“Happy birthday anak, may you have many more birthdays to come. Wishing you the best for everything, good health, and more blessings. I love you,” said parents Arminda and Saturnino Buenaventura to Grace.

After the heartwarming messages from the idols’ parents, the celebrants prepared exciting games and prizes for their fans such as the crowd- favorite Boom Balloon and Copy Cat.


Furthermore, four avid fans of Jan, Cassey, Grace, and Aly also got a chance to greet their Oshi, making the girls overwhelmed with happiness and thankful for their fans’ heartwarming support for their group and their efforts attending their events.

One of Cassey’s fans, Jayson Montanilla, expressed his support for her Oshi “Happy birthday! Lagi lang ako naka-suporta sayo kahit anong mangyari.”

“Thank you talaga, Jan dahil sayo sinisipag ako mag-review sa board exam, pinipilit ko i-solve yung problem na mahihirap,” Leonard Notorio expressed to his idol Jan.


“Happy happy birthday! Nakita ko sayo na hindi ka lang idol na nagsu-suot ng magandang damit, nakita ko ang isang babae na nagpu-pursige sa mga pangarap niya at ‘yon ang first impression ko sayo,“ Jesrelle Petracorta to Grace who also happens to celebrate her birthday on the same day as the Seitansai event.


Lastly, Arian Yupangco felt proud for her Oshi Aly celebrating her birthday with fellow MNL48 members. “Hi Aly, first of all, I’d like to say happy birthday. We are so proud of you, 18 ka pa lang ang dami mo nang na-accomplish. Alam namin na mas marami ka pang magagawa, you’re never alone sa idol journey mo. Pinapasaya mo kami araw-araw kaya gusto namin lagi kang masaya.”


Meanwhile, aside from MNL48’s AKB48 Group Asia Festival 2019 concert on January 27, the group is also preparing for their upcoming activities and events this January such as mall tour and their guesting on ABS-CBN’s It’s Showtime on January 19, 2019. Make sure to follow MNL48’s official website and social media accounts to get the latest news and updates.

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MNL48 awarded with PPOP Youth Model of the Year

by Wilson

MNL48 brings home Pinoy POP (PPOP) Awards for young artists’ year-end special award, “Youth Model of the Year – Huwaran ng Kabataan Award” on December 30, 2018, as announced on PPOP official FaNcebook page.

The surprise award is intended to recognize the group’s influence for being a good role model to the young generation in uplifting the Filipino talents and showcasing the Filipino culture through their music and performances

Winners are based on the criteria and votes of PPOP Awards Committee consisting of young professionals from different youth sectors and organizations in the Philippines.

Moreover, MNL48 was also nominated in the Rising Pop Group of the Year category, competing against U Go Girls (UGG) of Viva Records, One Up of GMA Records, Nitro of Viva Records, and Mico & amp; Gab of Star Music and Asian Artists Agency, where UGG won the title.

Aside from bringing joy to their fans through their performances, MNL48 also organizes charity events, promotes recently released gospel song “Amazing Grace”, and is set to represent the country internationally together with other sister groups in Asia.

Meanwhile, follow the MNL48 website and official social media accounts to get the latest updates and events.

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​ MNL48 held their first Christmas mini concert for fans

by Wilson

As an early Christmas gift to their fans and supporters, MNL48 had their first successful Christmas mini concert held at Movie Stars Cafe on December 23, 2018.

The Christmas season is now in full swing and MNL48 treated their enthusiastic fans to a live mini concert with special performances of their chart-topping songs from their albums and big announcements that surely delighted the idols and fans as well.

Performing one of their newest songs in their latest Pag-ibig Fortune Cookie album, MN48 Team MII members described “First Rabbit” as one of their favorite tracks among their songs because the lyrics mirror their challenging journey in MNL48. “’Yung lyrics pa lang ng ‘First Rabbit’ ay humahalimbawa sa MNL48 journey namin from the start until now. Kung paano kami nagsimula at kung paano kami ngayon nag-grow as one with you MNLoves,” Alice said.

The Christmas concert for the solid MNL48 fans was followed by another crowd-favorite song “Palusot Ko’y Maybe”, from their second single, by Team NIV, showing off their newest official uniform for the first time.

One of the highlights of the event was a look back on their achievements as a group, from releasing their debut single, music videos, and being part of the Himig Handog 2018 which made them overwhelmed with pride and happiness.

Aside from the performance of their hit songs, hundreds of fans who attended the event also got to watch their Oshi perform a holiday favorite song “All I Want for Christmas” and MNL48’s new sub unit, the Gospel’s Christmas single “Amazing Grace” live. The first sub-unit’s members Brei, Belle, Rans, Aly, Faith, and center girl Sheki sang a capella version of the gospel hymn where the girls showcased their angelic voices to their fans for the first time.

As the girls wrapped up the mini concert, MNL48 gave their fans a heart-warming Christmas and New Year greetings and wishes; and performed their phenomenal second single “Pag-ibig Fortune Cookie”, which is currently on the number one spot on iTunes and the leading music channel in the country, Myx Daily Top 10.

As 2019 approaches, MNL48 is already gearing up for their guestings for both local and international shows starting off this coming January and February. As announced last December 11 and during the mini concert, Sheki, Abby, Sela, Brei, Gabb, Rans, Jem, Mari, Faith, and Coleen will be flying to Thailand to take part and join their overseas sister group—AKB48 (Japan), JKT48 (Indonesia), BNK48 (Thailand), SGO48 (Vietnam), AKB48 Team TP (Taiwan), and AKB48 Team SH (China) at “AKB48 Group Asia Festival 2019” on January 27, 2019 to be held at Impact Arena, Bangkok.

Gabb shared that being part of this event is the biggest blessing and opportunity for her. “Unexpected po kasi maraming deserving makasama sa top 10, and for me to be included is such a big opportunity. Promise po na hindi po namin kayo bibiguin.”

Sela also noted her excitement for the first Asia Festival 2019. “It’s such an honor to be part of this amazing event kaya naman po puspusan na ang pag-prepare namin kasi finally matutupad na ang pangarap naming makasama ang sister groups namin, kaya naman we’re very excited to meet them, the Thai people, and of course, try their Thai food.”

In addition, MNL48 had a surprise announcement to their fans where 10 lucky Fan Club VIP members will be given VIP tickets to witness the much-anticipated gathering of AKB48 groups for free.

Meanwhile on February, MNL48 Senbatsu is also set to perform to the grand finals of 2019 J-pop Anime Singing Contest as special guests organized by the Embassy of Japan on February 16 at SM Mall of Asia.

Before the year ends, fans should look forward to MNL48 I-school’s Christmas special episodes on December 23-25, 2018, and their special guesting on Myx this holiday season. Follow the official social media accounts to get the latest news on their upcoming events and activities.


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MNL48 shows angelic side in new Amazing Grace song

by Wilson

MNL48 released its newest single and a cappella version of the famous gospel song “Amazing Grace” on YouTube on December 21, 2018.

Determined to become part of the new sub-unit, Faith, Belle, Brei, Rans, Aly, and center girl Sheki auditioned to be the star in their first Christmas single where they showed their angel-like aura and vocals as an early holiday gift to their fans.

“Mas na-emphasize po ‘yung vocals namin since a cappella lang po ‘yung ginamit namin. Pure voice, walang instrumental, walang accompaniment, kaya sana po talaga maging proud po sila [‘yung mga fans] sa amin. Gusto po namin mabigyan ng justice at maging proud po sa amin lahat,” Sheki shared.

The consistent center girl expressed that being part of their Christmas single is another opportunity for her and the group to share their talent. “Lalong lalo na gospel song so talagang damang-dama po naming lahat ‘yon, and masaya po kami na ipapakita namin talaga na iba ang MNL48 pagdating sa vocals.”

“For ‘Amazing Grace’ po na kanta po naming Gospel sub-unit, we were able to use our own style of singing,” Faith agreed, adding that she hopes their fans will feel the holiday season when listening to their new song.

She also shared that their Christmas song for their fans is special for the whole group as they will be celebrating their first yuletide season as MNL48 idols with their supporters. “I’m really happy po and mixed emotions that time, hindi pa po nagsi-sink in pero masayang-masaya po” she narrated her audition to become part of the new sub-unit.

Team NIV member Aly also recounted her journey auditioning for MNL48’s special Christmas single. “For the past few months I’ve been questioning myself, my journey in MNL48. I’ve been waiting for that perfect moment, and ‘Amazing Grace’ came up and indeed it was an amazing grace given to me.”

WATCH Amazing Grace on YouTube:

Fans can further listen and stream on Spotify and buy “Amazing Grace” on iTunes available on December 24, 2018.

Meanwhile, celebrate Christmas with MNL48 First Generation where they will be performing their hit songs in their mini concert this December 23, 2018 at Movie Stars Cafe; where for every ticket purchase of Php 700 at, fans can get one (1) random limited edition Christmas photocard from the MNL48 members.

Keep on following MNL48 social media accounts for more details of their handshake events and upcoming activities.

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